About us

The Verdekam company deals with polishing, grinding, crystallization and any other treatments related to maintaining the stone surfaces in the best possible condition.

Knowledge, skills and experience gained, as well as a passion for what we do, translates into the quality of services offered. As a company, we give you a guarantee and a sense of security that our work will be done professionally. Long-term cooperation with selected suppliers of devices, machines and professional chemicals with simultaneous training systems, allows us to perform each task, while maintaining a very good ratio of price to high quality services. We have extensive experience, thanks to which we provide professional advice in the field of stone floor maintenance. Many years of work and trust, which we are gifted, will allow us to perform work for many institutions, as well as work closely with churches.


  • Grinding marble, granite and all other natural stones
  • Washing and cleaning the stone
  • Removal of greasy stains and dirt
  • Crystallization of marble
  • Granite spraying
  • Granite pulverization
  • Stone polishing
  • Impregnation of marble and granite
  • Stone conservation
  • Filling the cavities
  • Renovation of stains
  • Protection by impregnation
  • Anti-slip protection


Quality never goes out of fashion!


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